"With you on your journey."

Our Pathways professional development model centres on driving enhanced customer service through the career growth of our staff.

Pathways is the Version 1 career development framework, empowering and supporting our people in building the skills and knowledge they need to grow their career and deliver great service to our customers. Pathways makes it easy to assess where your skill gaps are and understand how to fill them through learning and experience, both on the job and through training and development.

Development that is continuous, planned and encouraged.

The Version 1 approach to the development of our people is based around the acquisition of skill, knowledge and experiences of our staff to drive both their own careers and our ability to respond to the broader service needs of our customers. Continuous learning is provided through our internal Pathways platform, where formal learning via courses, certifications and classes is available for all staff via and a range of accessible learning content.

Our quarterly rhythm imposes a monthly and quarterly review of developmental progress and all staff are encouraged to drive their own activities through adopting a ‘bitesized’ continuous learning approach, supported by a variety of mechanisms – not just buddy and mentor support but also through study and exam leave, relevant peer groups and access to relevant platforms and content sources to assist in filling knowledge gaps.

“Pathways is a new model, enabling and supporting employees to develop the skills and knowledge they need to grow their careers and deliver customer success.”
- Amanda Bolton, Project Manager - Pathways

Pathways: How it Works

Pathways takes into account your current state – your work history, your current skills profile, the role you are currently in, your qualifications and certifications. This helps you to understand any competency gaps you currently have and what you need to do in order to bridge those gaps.

Then, it assess where you want to go, and helps you to plan your career and map out your career path. You will understand the roles you need to progress through, and the skills acquisition required along the way. You'll create personal development plans to build these skills.

Then, using formal, peer and on the job learning opportunities, you will build proficiencies through development options and learning references, events and communities of interest. Your objectives and Development Goals will be tracked via 1-1s, Quarterly performance reviews and Mentor conversations.

The Benefits of Pathways

The Pathways model brings many benefits both to Version 1 as an organisation and to our employees as individuals. It brings clarity and visibility to what skills and knowledge acquisition you need to progress your career. It also enables you to link gaps to learning opportunities and create a personal development plan to acquire those skills. It will give you the support you need to engage and learn from your peers, regardless of what project you are on or where you are located.

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