Pathways - Version 1's Professional Development Model

"With you on your journey."

Our Pathways professional development model centres on driving enhanced customer service through the career growth of our staff.

Pathways is the Version 1 career development framework, empowering and supporting our people in building the skills and knowledge they need to grow their career and deliver great service to our customers. Pathways makes it easy to assess where your skill gaps are and understand how to fill them through learning and experience, both on the job and through training and development.

Development that is continuous, planned and encouraged.

The Version 1 approach to the development of our people is based around the acquisition of skill, knowledge and experiences of our staff to drive both their own careers and our ability to respond to the broader service needs of our customers. Continuous learning is provided through our internal Pathways platform, where formal learning via courses, certifications and classes is available for all staff via and a range of accessible learning content.

Our quarterly rhythm imposes a monthly and quarterly review of developmental progress and all staff are encouraged to drive their own activities through adopting a ‘bitesized’ continuous learning approach, supported by a variety of mechanisms – not just buddy and mentor support but also through study and exam leave, relevant peer groups and access to relevant platforms and content sources to assist in filling knowledge gaps.

There are many fantastic progression opportunities at Version 1. Using myself as an example, I've always kept my certifications up-to-date and I enjoy learning new things. Version 1 has always supported me in this - not only in giving me the time to train for exams like the Oracle Certified Masters, but they also paid for the exam too. Later on, I also presented at Oracle conferences which led to me being recognised by Oracle themselves who awarded me with their prestigious Oracle Ace status. It's a great workplace to develop and further your technical skills.
- Zahid Anwar, Principal Consultant at Version 1 & OCM ACE

Upskill and Advance your Career at Version 1

Amanda Kelly, Employee Experience Partner at Version 1, outlines how our employees train, upskill and advance their careers through our Pathways model.

Pathways - An Award-Winning Framework

In Summer 2021, the IITD (Irish Institute of Training & Development) crowned Version 1 the proud winners of the “Best Talent Development Initiative” at their annual awards for our Pathways framework. The sponsor of the award, the Irish Management Institute, said of the win that Pathways puts “people and talent at the core of the business.” Speaking after the win, Alan Reilly, Head of Talent Development at Version 1, commented: “Research has shown time and time again that one of the most important items on an employees agenda is having the opportunities to use their skills and abilities and to grow these as part of their career development. As such, we are delighted to see Pathways recognised tonight for how it enables our Version 1 people to unleash their true career potential.”

Version 1 was also thrilled to have been named winners of the ‘Excellence in Talent Development’ award at the 2019 Annual Technology Ireland Industry Awards for Pathways.

Commenting on the win, Mary O’Connell, Project Manager at Version 1 said: “We’re delighted to be named as winners of the 2019 ‘Excellence in Talent Development Award’ at the Technology Ireland Awards. It’s fantastic to see our Pathways Model receive recognition for the impact it has had on empowering and supporting Version 1 employees across all of our offices. We’re looking forward to continuing developing our Pathways Learning and Development initiative and helping Version 1 employees acquire the skills and knowledge they need to grow their careers.”

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