The Strategic Guide to the Cloud Computing Advice Note 2019

Is your Public Sector Organisation Ready For Cloud?

Becoming Cloud First: Strategies for the Irish Public Sector

Due to the high volume of demand from our Public Sector customers to help interpret the Government Chief Information Officer’s (OGCIO) Cloud Computing Advice Note, Version 1 has published a digital guide on Becoming ‘Cloud First’ to illustrate how public sector organisations can adopt a Public ‘Cloud First’ Strategy. Following on from a very well-attended Public Sector webinar, this digital guide shares best-practice approaches that Version 1 has validated in the UK Public Sector.

Avoid jumping straight from the Cloud mandate to implementation. Download ‘Becoming Cloud First: Strategies for the Irish Public Sector’ below to gain expert insights on:

  • Turning the (OGCIO) Cloud Computing Advice Note into action
  • The drivers for Public Cloud adoption
  • The benefits of Public Cloud
  • Effective delivery models
  • Cloud service models
  • Cloud migration strategies (The 5 R’s)
  • Triggers for action

Assess your organisation’s level of preparedness for Cloud Adoption

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