Are you Ready to become a SuperGrad?

Here at Version 1, we like to think we can offer something different with our graduate programme. We don't believe in the typical profile of a Graduate Consultant, slaving away to make up margins and spending their time locked away in a room till all hours of the night.

We invest in people rather than a production line of grads. Day 1, you’ll learn by building and doing in a dedicated two-year boot camp where you will grow as an IT Consultant.

If you invest in us, we’ll ensure that we invest in you; if you are driven, committed and up for a challenge, we want to meet you. We might just be your perfect fit.


SuperGrad Programme

Don't miss your opportunity to unleash your inner super-powers with a career in Version 1.

Meet the Grads

Find out why Version 1 is the perfect place to start your career. Meet our IT Supergrads!

Life in Version 1

Version 1’s culture is focused on the creation of a Great Workplace, where our core values are lived day in, day out, where we transform the business of the customers we work with and make a difference in the communities in which we live.

About Version 1

One of the fastest growing IT services companies in Western Europe, delivering market-leading IT Consulting, Solutions and Managed Services, Version 1 has doubled both profitability and revenue over the last few years, while at the same time delivering consistent improvement in customer satisfaction and world-class employee engagement.