Delivering One Version of the Truth...

Improving Patient Outcomes through Data Modernisation

Tackling a Legacy On-Premises Solution to Transform and Leverage the Power of Data

The phone rings. “999 what is your emergency?” If the situation is life-threatening, an ambulance is expected to have reached the patient within eight minutes after receiving a call. In these cases, every minute counts, and having accurate information about the emergency is essential.

But when patients welcome the ambulance services, they don’t want to repeat to the clinicians the same story that they’ve just told over the phone, and do it all over again once they reach the hospital. They don’t want to have to recall their medical history and previous treatments when they’re in a state of stress. Healthcare providers are aware of this, and that is why the East of England Ambulance Service (EEAS) has embarked on a journey to create a digital data lake that will store all of this information, saving time, and lives, in the process.

A year ago, EEAS got started on a path towards digital transformation that included the creation of a data lake where all the information about its patients and systems could be kept together, breaking the organisation’s data silo. In short, creating one version of the truth.

Learn more about this EEAS and Version 1 Data Modernisation journey in the video below…

Improving Patient Outcomes through Digital Transformation and Data Modernisation

One Version of the Truth

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