AWS DevOps Delivery for Rockall

Rockall is the global expert in collateral management technology for the banking book, enabling many of the world’s top banks to manage over $2 Trillion worth of collateral daily, helping them to handle the complexity required to drive high-volume and high-value loan books while safeguarding against risk.

Rockall builds and integrates systems that enable financial institutions to accurately manage and assess credit risk, supporting a deep understanding of the credit exposures that drive capital requirements and RWA.

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Rockall Technologies
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Project Background

Rockall delivers enterprise collateral management for the banking book to over 20 of the world’s leading banks. In re-building its flagship product onto a new technology stack, Rockall needed a new DevOps platform to fully automate its product deployment pipeline.

The goal of the DevOps platform was to deliver additional engineering capacity that would enable Rockall to build and test its complete software system dynamically with every change on an hourly basis across multiple platforms / OS stacks such as WebSphere, WebLogic, Tomcat across Windows and Linux platforms.

“Version 1 worked with us to deliver a fully automated DevOps process for our engineering group on AWS. The level of quality and speed of delivery that we have been afforded by Version 1 has made massive benefits to our development processes.”

- Eoin Cavanagh, Chief Technology Officer

Work Delivered

Version 1 delivered a DevOps Framework that enables the deployment of:

  • AWS CloudFormation for managing AWS Resources.
  • Amazon EC2 for compute.
  • AWS IAM for securely controlling access to AWS for users.
  • Amazon S3 for storage.
  • VPC for securely isolating cloud access.
  • Integrations with existing repositories to run the self-service components enabling developers and QA to launch environments at the touch of a button.

Real Differences...


The deployment of the DevOps Framework enabling AWS Cloud Delivery at Rockall resulted in several benefits for the company:

  • Enhanced developer focus on adding features rather than running manual tasks.
  • Reduced infrastructure costs in addition to the ability to auto-scale and test large infrastructure at one click.
  • Ability to launch development and test environments at the touch of a button.

About Version 1

Version 1 proves that IT can make a real difference to our customers’ businesses. We are trusted by global brands to deliver IT services and solutions which drive customer success. Our 1300 strong team works closely with our technology partners to provide independent advice that helps our customers navigate the rapidly changing world of IT.