Two Version 1 Finalists Shortlisted for Inaugural Women in Tech Awards

The Women in Tech Awards will be Ireland’s first annual celebration of women and diversity in the technology industry. The goal of the Women in Tech Awards is to drive diversity and narrow the gender gap in an industry which offers opportunity and success to anyone with ambition, passion and a strong work ethic.

The Women in Tech Awards will promote the success of female influencers in the tech industry, who in turn, can stimulate further dialogue around equality and inspire the millions of female tech enthusiasts around the world to become leaders in their own right.

Version 1 a Proud Sponsor of the Women in Tech Awards and Women ReBoot Award

This year, Version 1 is the proud sponsor of the non-for-profit Special Recognition Award.  The recipient of this title (which was announced ahead of the awards) will be Women ReBOOT; a national tech sector initiative for experienced and qualified ICT women who have taken a career break. Stay tuned to our LinkedIn and Twitter to hear from our successful Women ReBOOT candidates next week as they share their perspectives and opinions on returning to a role in IT following a career-break.

Congratulations to the Version 1 Shortlisted Nominees Aoife Sheridan and Emer Fogarty

Aoife Sheridan – Shortlisted for the Women in Tech Disruptor Award

Aoife Sheridan, Head of Customer Success at Version 1 was shortlisted this week for the Disruptor Award at the Women in Tech Awards 2018. The winner of the Disruptor Award will be a leader from a company with 500+ employees who is redefining their marketplace. She will be able to demonstrate how her exceptional innovation has led her teams and organisation to break traditional ideas and provide new products and/or technologies that are changing their business landscape and pushing their company ahead of the competition, and Aoife has certainly achieved this and more as our Head of Customer Success.

Aoife Sheridan joined Version 1 as a Portfolio Director in 2012, bringing expertise from a broad range of industries. With a background as a Senior IT Project Manager and Programme Manager, Aoife has international experience in both the oversight of and direct delivery of large IT Transformation and Change programmes. Aoife has demonstrated a steadfast focus on Customer Satisfaction throughout her career and is focused on delivering tangible business benefits to customers which made her the obvious choice when Version 1 sought to appoint a Head of Customer Success. Version 1 is 18 months into the plan Aoife is leading as our Head of Customer Success and we’ve never looked back – and neither have our customers! Aoife has made amazing strides in terms of capitalising on the power of Customer Success to deliver real business benefits for our customers. This is evidenced by our customer retention rate of 98%. With Aoife’s team leading the way, our Customer Journey is not a short-term affair, it’s a lifelong relationship.

Emer Fogarty – Shortlisted for the Women in Tech Rising Star Award

Emer Fogarty, Learning and Development Analyst at Version 1 was also shortlisted for the inaugural Women in Tech Awards for The Rising Star Award. This award will recognise the outstanding achievements of a recent entrant into the tech industry. Her contribution to her organisation will have had a significant impact on its business’ growth and development. Nominees will demonstrate their standout achievements, how they are driving innovation, their contribution to successful projects and their understanding of how successfully implemented technology drives ROI. Judges will look for characteristics and examples of strong communication, creativity & curiosity, strong organisation, adaptability, passion, and confidence.

With a background in Psychology, Emer never dreamt of finding herself in the technology industry. However, when an opportunity presented itself to work for Version 1 she was keen to pursue this career path. People often ask Emer how psychology could possibly have a place in the IT industry, however, once Emer started in her role in IT, she began to realise how high performing organisations are led and driven by high performing employees, so where there are people – there is a place for psychology. Emer had a vision that she could teach people to understand themselves and each other so our strong organisation would be driven by empowered people and empowered teams who are fulfilled, happy and passionate about delivering IT services that make a real difference to our customers. To date, Emer’s impact has been felt across Version 1 from improved and more accurate hiring processes, CPD workshops for employees, IT graduate recruitment and many other areas that all contribute to making Version 1 a Great Place to Work.

Best of luck to Aoife and Emer and stay tuned to our LinkedIn and Twitter to hear from our successful Women ReBOOT candidates next week as they share their perspectives and opinions on returning to a role in IT following a career-break.

Learn more about the inaugural Women in Tech Awards here.