Client Profile

Customer Name: NHS Blood and Transplant

Established: 2005

Customer Since: 2006

Employees: 5800

Sector: Healthcare

NHS Blood and Transplant is a vital cornerstone of the UK healthcare system. It manages the donation, storage, and transportation of blood, organs, tissues, bone marrow, and stem cells and researches new treatments and processes. 

We’ve provided Oracle Database Managed Services to NHS Blood and Transplant for over ten years, alongside change and enhancement services when required. 

We were asked to assess and review NHS Blood and Transplant’s legacy Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10 Finance, Procurement, Inventory, and Order Management applications with a view to an upgrade path or migration to another solution, along with associated costs of ownership and benefits to serve as the basis of an upgrade business case. 

Working closely with the NHS Blood and Transplant team, we reviewed existing systems. We recommended options that included a comprehensive upgrade to the latest version of Oracle E-Business Suite.  We also explored system reimplementation and migration to Oracle ERP Cloud, giving the organisation multiple paths forward. Our in-depth analysis included detailed cost models, allowing the client to make informed choices aligned with their long-term strategy. Our goal wasn’t just providing an upgrade path but finding the best way to future-proof the client’s operations.  

Our in-depth assessment armed NHS Blood and Transplant with a clear roadmap and detailed cost models for several potential routes. We empowered the organisation to make an informed decision that fit its budgetary considerations and long-term strategic goals. This review laid a solid foundation for NHS Blood & Transplant to continue its life-saving work in a more modern, streamlined environment. 


  • Conducted a thorough review of NHSBT’s existing Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10 implementation, pinpointing areas for improvement. 
  • Provided costed resource models for three distinct paths: upgrading to R12.2.x, reimplementing R12.2.x, or migrating to Oracle ERP Cloud. 
  • Delivered a detailed five-year total cost of ownership analysis for each scenario. 
  • Presented a final recommendation on the most strategic and cost-effective approach for the organisation to ensure continuity in their critical work.

The work performed by Version 1 was very thorough. The workshops with the various subject areas identified many ‘pain points’ in the current processes which could be removed and improved, which Version 1 took the time to understand and make a compelling argument for our recommended ERP roadmap going forward. NHSBT are all better informed as a result – Thank you! 

– Linda Haigh, Assistant Director Finance Operations, NHS Blood and Transplant

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