E-Business Suite Upgrade Assessment for NHS Blood and Transplant

NHS Blood and Transplant provide a blood and transplantation service to the NHS, looking after blood donation services in England and transplant services across the UK. This includes managing the donation, storage, and transplantation of blood, organs, tissues, bone marrow, and stem cells, and researching new treatments and processes.

NHS Blood and Transplant engaged Version 1 initially to produce an upgrade assessment of their existing Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10 Finance, Procurement, Inventory, and Order Management applications along with the associated costs and benefits to act as inputs to the business case.

Version 1 has been providing Oracle Database Managed Services to NHS Blood and Transplant for more than ten years. The scope of this work includes providing level 2 and 3 support, whilst providing change and enhancement services as required.

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NHS Blood and Transplant
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The work performed by Version 1 was very thorough. The workshops with the various subject areas identified many ‘pain points’ in the current processes which could be removed and improved, which Version 1 took the time to understand and make a compelling argument for our recommended ERP roadmap going forward. NHSBT are all better informed as a result - Thank you!
- Linda Haigh, Assistant Director Finance Operations, NHS Blood and Transplant

The Customer's Requirements

  • Deliver a costed resource model for the upgrade of E-Business Suite 11.5.10 to E-Business 12.2.x.
  • Deliver a costed resource model for the upgrade of the database tier to the latest support version.
  • To provide input into a compelling business case that will allow the Finance department to secure the funds required for the upgrade.

Expert Assessment Process

Additional Value Delivered Over and Above the Scope

Version 1 delivered a review of current E-Business Suite 11.5.10 pain points against best practice, with recommendations considering both the upgrade scenario above and the following additional options:

  • Re-implementing E-Business Suite and the database tier to the latest supported versions.
  • Migration to Oracle ERP Cloud.

Version 1 delivered costed resource models and five-year total cost of ownership for all three of the scenarios outlined above, and also provided a recommendation as to which is the best solution for NHS Blood and Transplant that would support the strategic direction of the business.

Real Differences...


Version 1 delivered the following results successfully as part of the assessment:

  • Reviewed and documented the ‘pain points’ within the current E-Business Suite 11.5.10 implementation.
  • Identified opportunities to remove customisations and to implement standard solutions (both within E-Business Suite R12.2.x and ERP Cloud), reducing complexity and support requirements.
  • Provision of costed resource models and comparative business benefits for the upgrade to R12.2.x, the reimplementation of R12.2.x, or the migration to Oracle ERP Cloud.
  • An overall recommendation as to the best strategic approach based upon total five years costs of ownership and comparative business benefits for the three different scenarios.
  • In addition to the report, a playback session was included to ensure that NHS blood and transplant were well informed on the recommendations and the associated drivers and benefits of these.

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