Client Profile

Customer Name: Optimus Cards

Established: 2014

Customer Since: 2018

Employees: 20+

Sector: Financial Services

Optimus Cards is a rising star in white-label debit card programmes. However, it faced a complex challenge: how to provide its credit cards to consumers under its own BIN (Bank Identification Number). To seize a significant opportunity with Mastercard and become one of the few organisations in Europe approved as Mastercard ‘Principal Members’, Optimus needed to navigate strict security standards, bridge multiple cloud systems, and do it all at lightning speed. Any delay meant missing out on a golden opportunity for growth.

Optimus Cards engaged us as a Next-Gen AWS Managed Service partner to help the brand create a robust payment infrastructure that was simple to manage and offered rock-solid security. Rapid integration with third-party systems and providing the highest level of security for Optimus customers were essential. Ultimately, the goal was to build frictionless, reliable financial services that would empower both credit unions and end-users. 

To achieve this vision, we collaborated closely with the Optimus Cards team. First, we built a secure data superhighway using an AWS Transit VPC with Direct Connect. This allowed information to flow seamlessly between Optimus Cards’ systems, AWS, Orange Cloud, and Mastercard. Next, we implemented two-factor authentication, adding a crucial layer of protection to meet rigorous PCI DSS requirements. Finally, we deployed an arsenal of security tools – the Qualys vulnerability scanner, OSSEC for file integrity monitoring, Sophos Antivirus, and the Alert Logic Threat Manager – all designed to help Optimus stay one step ahead of potential threats. 

With the new PCI-compliant infrastructure we created, Optimus Cards was able to take the leap to become a Mastercard Principal Member – a significant milestone in the evolution of the business – enabling the brand to issue cards in its own right under the Optimus Cards BIN.  


  • Achieved PCI DSS compliance for Optimus Cards 
  • Established a secure Transit VPC via AWS Direct Connect for cross-cloud information exchange 
  • Implemented robust two-factor authentication for secure user access 
  • Integrated cutting-edge security software, anti-virus, and threat detection systems