JD Edwards to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Run JD Edwards on OCI

Run your JD Edwards Systems in the Cloud

With over 25 years of JD Edwards experience and voted the #1 Oracle Partner by our customers, Version 1 is a leading expert in deploying and maintaining JD Edwards servers on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Many organisations are now exploring how they can leverage the power of the Cloud in their IT and business systems. Hosting JD Edwards in the Cloud offers the benefit of retaining the ability to tailor and customise JD Edwards solutions to meet key business requirements whilst gaining the benefit of native Cloud services.

Version 1 delivers the component services to enable you to consume your JD Edwards as a single service on OCI. Once up and running, Version 1 will maintain the system according to the balance between frequency of updates and the ability to consume new features that are right for you. In addition, Version 1 will provide a complete Service Desk support infrastructure to provide you with the support you need, when you need it.

Benefits of JD Edwards on OCI

Reduce costs by only paying for what you use, exiting data centres and leveraging existing investment
Reduce Risk
Reduce risk with fewer operational issues and end-to-end security
Take advantage of the huge flexibility and scalability that OCI enables
Access security hardened to your requirements
Unlimited availability of compute and storage
Low Responsibility
No responsibility for running and maintaining the application
Improve Agility
Improve agility through more automation, spinning up JD Edwards trial systems in minute
Extend JD Edwards on OCI with PaaS and SaaS
The work delivered fulfilled all of our requirements and more. Thanks to this work we now have a good understanding of the project requirements and scope to enable us to commit to a significant investment with confidence. The Version 1 team projected a highly professional image and delivered above and beyond what we expected in a short timescale, taking into account the conflicting requirements of many different stakeholders.
- Paul Moorhouse, Operations Manager, Financial Systems Support Centre, University of Oxford

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JD Edwards
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JD Edwards
Our JD Edwards experts offer leading enterprise customers in manufacturing industries the complete range of services required to license, install, implement and maintain their JD Edwards systems, from legacy versions through to World A9.2 and EnterpriseOne 9.2.
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