65% of our enterprise customers have received at least one vendor audit letter in the past 12 months.

Help is at Hand.

Enterprise application vendors do not design their license policy to be easily understood.  Software users are often unaware of vendor rules according to contractual obligations. Vendors can conduct a license audit and non-compliance can result in unexpected costs and stress for customers.

If you have received an Oracle License Audit letter, or if you would like to learn more about taking control, quantifying risk, and identifying and optimising opportunities – our experts are here to help you.

Our #1 Tip? Don’t Panic!

If you use licensed enterprise software, it is likely that you have received, or will soon receive a vendor audit letter. The most important thing is to stay calm and know that you can take control of your software assets. 

Learn more about handling an Oracle or Java license audit scenario below, and contact our experts using the form to have a confidential introductory conversation.

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What You Need to Know About Oracle License Audits

Avoid Common Pitfalls

Don't panic buy licenses
Don't panic delete software
Don't rush new contracts

Industry experts (Gartner, March 2019) say effective Software Asset Management can reduce overall IT spend by a third.

Be Informed and Ready

Organise and take stock of your assets and licenses
Comply but know that you can take control
Engage Independent Oracle Licensing Experts Version 1
Oracle License Audit

65% of our enterprise customers have received at least one vendor audit letter in the past 12 months.

82% financial risk reduction

Our optimisation expertise helps to deliver financial risk reduction of over 82% on average during audit scenarios.

£17m to £100k

When engaged our customer was facing a bill of £17m, but through our help this amount became £100k.

£5.8m identified non compliance risks

During a typical review, we find non-compliance risks of over £5.8m.

Our Approach to Mitigating the Cost and Risk of Audits

A Diagnosis or Health Check is a strategic review of your license estate. It identifies the risks of noncompliance and opportunities related to the management of your software assets.
Discovery, Baseline and Optimisation
Based on the Diagnosis, we may perform a detailed Discovery and Baseline to determine compliance. We will highlight areas of risk and propose optimisation and remediation.
If you need to buy licenses or re-negotiate with your vendor, we can help you create a plan. This can minimise unexpected costs and give you more benefits, creating a fit-for-future license estate.

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