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About Technology Services 3

Technology Services 3 is the perfect solution for every public-sector customer’s ICT service requirements, including services at all government security classification levels. Having delivered many contracts via the previous Technology Services Framework to customers across UK Government, being part of the Technology Services 3 framework further broadens Version 1’s reach and capability for their public-sector customers. Version 1’s public sector solutions are proven to reduce operating costs and support the Government’s agenda for digital and cloud first, whilst ensuring availability and reliability for key enterprise systems.

For information about our framework agreements, speak to your Version 1 account manager or contact our dedicated frameworks helpdesk below.

Version 1's Technology Services 3 Service Listings

How to procure Version 1 Technology Service 3 services

This framework is open to all public sector customers and there are two routes to market.

Direct award

Direct award is available for:
• lot 1 (Strategy and Design)
• lot 2 (Transition and Transformation),
• lot 3 (Operational Services)
• lot 5 (Service Integration and Management)
Direct award is suitable for relatively straightforward low value needs where no additional benefit would be gained from a further competition. Supplier offers are shown in the government eMarketplace.

Note: if you currently use Basware you should already be able to access the government eMarketplace.

Further competition
Further competitions can be run on all the lots using CCS’s eSourcing tool or your own choice of eSourcing tool.

Customer Success Stories


For over 20 years, Version 1 has gained in-depth experience and portrayed excellence in the public sector, delivering successful solutions to multiple public sector clients.

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