Azure Control: Billing Service Optimisation

Take control of your Azure Bill

With Azure, you only pay for what you use, and consequently, Azure cost management and Azure billing is a moving target that needs continual attention. Without the necessary level of technical and licensing expertise combined with automated tooling and strong governance, organisations can create financial waste within their Azure estate that can quickly erode the benefits of Cloud for enterprises. Unlike on-premise perpetual licensing, modern licensing models for Azure provide a platform for organisations to dynamically optimise costs.

Version 1’s Azure Billing Service Optimisation can help you understand your monthly Azure bill and optimise your Cloud costs.

There are several Azure cost optimisation actions that we would advise customers to undertake, including:

  • Identifying and eliminating orphaned resources
  • Right-sizing Azure consumption elements to reduce costs to an optimal level without impacting performance
  • Identifying, suspending, or terminating idle unused compute instances
  • Scheduling resources to only run at appropriate times
  • Uncovering opportunities to use reserved instances to drive cost savings from up-front investment
  • Leverage existing Azure Hybrid Benefit and other licensing benefits to reduce compute costs

Constant tuning, management and automation of Cloud assets is essential to achieve efficiency and cost optimisation.

Take control of your Azure bill.  Arrange a discussion to evaluate your Azure estate with our Azure Cloud Optimisation experts and get access to best-practice Azure cost optimisation guides.