The Beginner’s Guide to Serverless

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Download this introductory guide to gain a high-level insight into Serverless.

Serverless computing is changing the existing dogmatic paradigm of infrastructure and applications. Although the use of Serverless is growing at an exponential rate, there is still a lack of knowledge of what Serverless is and what it does.

This introductory guide will cover Serverless Computing for beginners, examining the use of Serverless in AWS and other Cloud Providers, the services that can be used to augment its use, how it affects applications, challenges and opportunities that will arise from its growth.

Download this introductory guide to gain a high-level insight into:

  • Why Businesses Should Care About Serverless
  • Traditional Architectures vs Serverless Architectures
  • What Serverless Services Are Available
  • What Serverless Could Be Used For
  • Cost, Configuration, Deployment and Monitoring of Serverless
  • The Challenges and Challengers to Serverless

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