Low Code Platform

Rapid Digital Transformation with Outsystems

Build Better Software, Faster

Low code development platforms have become mainstream, and for very good reason. Our teams are truly agile, providing technology on a customer’s initial model in a few weeks.  This gives more time to iterate, refine, and improve the user experience.  The outcome is far superior to traditional methods, and in a fraction of the time and cost.

Version 1 is proud to be an OutSystems Partner. As a long-term market leader, OutSystems are focused on constantly improving the developer experience and platform operation. This allows partners like Version 1 to focus on our customers’ needs and experiences – helping them achieve a faster ROI, and getting through more of the digital transformation backlog, with leaner, more effective teams.

How does it work?

Developers work visually for 99% of the solution and only extend with code when needed. Rich, modern applications can be built in just a fraction of the time it would take to hand-code it, even with modern programming languages.  Data and integrations are handled in the same place, simply and effectively, without the need for additional team members, servers, and skillsets. This all runs on a secure, scalable enterprise-grade infrastructure, that is checked automatically during build and deploy, and fully supported by a global leader.

The Outsystems Platform

Digital Acceleration
Accelerated development with visual, model-driven, AI-assisted tools
AI Services
AI services layer that enhances the entire application lifecycle
State-of-the-art, cloud-native runtime

Rapid multi-channel development platforms offer our customers a strategic and long term solution to delivering more, delivering faster and ideally both.

OutSystems Experts

Our OutSystems experts are available to help you successfully implement, deliver and maintain your applications. We work closely with our Digital Transformation consultants to ensure we have a common vision. Our architects guide you towards modular, reusable components, made beautiful by our UX designers. Agile development helps you realise that vision quickly, with your business steering along the way. And our managed services can operate solutions for the long term, with all of the monitoring and support you would expect.

Our OutSystems experts can help you integrate low code development platforms with anything. From SQL. SAP, Salesforce, Google Maps, or Microsoft Sharepoint…we have you covered.


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