IBM License Audit Defence

Preparation & Support for IBM Software License Reviews

Receiving notification from IBM of their intention to audit your IBM software license estate is likely to cause additional workload and stress, if you are not prepared.

Do you know how to respond in the event of an IBM software license review request? Do you have all the necessary data at hand and are confident of your license position?

First things first. Don’t panic.

If the answers to the above questions are ‘no’, then you are not alone. However, you still need to act.

Version 1’s license experts have considerable experience in helping organisations prepare for an audit and can support you through an IBM license audit to a successful conclusion, mitigating unbudgeted costs and risks, where appropriate.

Our Approach to Mitigating the Cost and Risk of Audits

A diagnosis or Health Check is a strategic review of your licence estate. It identifies the risks of noncompliance and opportunities related to the management of your software assets.
Discovery, Baseline and Optimisation
Based on the Diagnosis, we may perform a detailed Discovery and Baseline to determine compliance. We will highlight areas of risk and propose optimisation and remediation.
If you need to buy licenses or re-negotiate with your vendor, we can help you create a plan. This can minimise unexpected costs and give you more benefits, creating a fit-for-future license estate.

The Benefits of a Version 1 Software Licence Audit Services for your Business

Cost Reduction
Risk Mitigation
Volume Discounts
Better Vendor Relationships
Optimal License Agreement for your Needs
Value Added Procurement

If you have been approached by IBM and need guidance or would like to be more prepared in the event of an audit, then contact us to find out how we can help.

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