IBM License Baseline

Reduce cost and risk in your IBM License Estate

IBM License Complexity

IBM’s licensing is complicated, with an abundance of aspects to consider. This complexity often leads to unknown license compliance issues that are inevitably uncovered during an audit, creating risk and unbudgeted cost for you.

Additionally, simply renewing IBM software contracts without proper commercial and technical due diligence at renewal can compound upon your situation, in many cases creating a great deal of waste, further complexity and exacerbating your compliance posture.

How Version 1 IBM License Experts Can Help

A Version 1 IBM License Baseline will not only show you where you are exposed financially should an audit occur but will also illustrate what actions you can take before you are audited.

An IBM License Baseline from Version 1 can also show you where you might avoid and reduce spend through alternative licensing and/or by deploying legitimate license compliance remediation tactics.

Drawing on our tried and tested Control Software Asset Management methodology, our SAM consultants can work with your in-house resource to implement, and then support your license compliance position going forward.

Version 1 IBM License Baseline Delivery Elements

Version 1’s IBM License Baseline delivers clarity in your IBM license position, reducing cost, risk and complexity in your IBM license estate. This service is underpinned by our consultative license expertise and typically includes the following elements:

An executive summary stating the total exposure you have in relation to IBM licenses.
A breakdown of the exposures per product.
Where required any recommended mitigation activities and relevant observations.

Benefits of a Version 1 IBM License Baseline

Cost Reduction
Save money through correct and optimal classification in ILMT.
Risk Mitigation
Reduce risk by uncovering & resolving compliance concerns before an audit has even started.
Create clarity in your IBM Software Estate.
Reduce Waste
Reduce waste by understanding what software is not required and ceasing maintenance.
Ensuring vendor relationships are mutually beneficial.
Added Value
Avoid the disruption of an IBM Software Review.

If you have been approached by IBM and need guidance or would like to be more prepared in the event of an audit, then contact us to find out how we can help.

Why Version 1?

We will always put the customer first. We are technology agnostic, providing a modular plug & play approach to each set of unique customer requirements. We enable clients to make better, more informed decisions on their software estate; understand the options and make the right decision for you. Our priority is to give the best advice, not just to secure licensing revenue.

Reduce Cost & Risk
  • Assessment
  • Advice
  • Procurement
Trusted Advisor
  • Independent
  • Tools Agnostic
  • Experience
Market Leading Expertise
  • Breadth & Scale
  • Technical Background
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