Migrating Oracle to the Public Cloud – AWS Migration Strategies

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Migrating Oracle to the Public Cloud – AWS Migration Strategies

Many organisations have, or are embarking on, the journey to migrating to Public Cloud. Typically, when organisations consider moving Oracle to Public Cloud, concerns will centre on three key areas:

  1. Licencing impact – How are my licenses affected? Will I remain compliant? What is my license exposure?
  2. Oracle Support Position – Am I going to be supported? What about my existing support agreements?
  3. Performance and Availability – Can I architect for the same performance and availability as I have today? Can I do this without affecting my license and support position?

These concerns can ultimately deter organisations from considering a move to Public Cloud. In our experience, there are several strategies available to customers that can alleviate concerns, mitigate risk and ultimately help realise the benefit of Public Cloud.

Version 1 has specialist expertise and experience of Migrating Oracle to Public Cloud and in this guide,
we focus on strategies for migrating Oracle to Amazon Web Services.

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