May 10, 2019 - News

UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2018 – 2019

Version 1

We are happy to report an improvement in our mean pay gap and decrease in our median pay gap.

Since officially publishing our gender pay gap in April 2018, we are happy to report an improvement in our mean pay gap and decrease in our median pay gap. It is often acknowledged that there is a disproportion of male to female employees within the IT industry. Our gap mirrors this and is primarily caused by fewer women in senior and highly paid technical roles.

While our pay gap numbers show a mixed result, our culture has seen tangible change over the past two years thanks to a consistent, determined focus on Inclusion at Version 1. Our commitment to driving and fostering Diversity & Inclusion is central to achieving a great workplace and delivering well-rounded diverse business solutions.

“We believe that with continued focus and supported changes, the dial will continue to move towards a more inclusive workplace for all.”

Like many other companies in our industry, our gap is primarily caused by having fewer women in senior grades and highly paid technical roles. When we compare pay for equal or similar work across our organisation, the gap is significantly lower at least than 2%. Our plan is to achieve a year on year improvement in our gender pay gap and balance of male to female employee ratio.

For more insights into the work Version 1 is undertaking to close this gap, please view our full report here.

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