Application Modernisation: Preparing Applications for a Digital World

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In this webinar, (aimed at Senior IT Business Decision Makers), we demonstrate that there is a way to rapidly deliver new business value in the digital domain whilst retaining much of the value of previous technology investments.

This seeks to change the areas that can deliver the most ‘new value’ whilst mitigating risk. This could involve making business functionality available across web and mobile devices, integrating core systems with other modern data and business insight platforms, extending underlying capability and functionality or by migrating and re-platforming applications in Public Cloud.

This webinar shows how our approaches can be optimised to allow organisations to modernise core business systems and legacy applications to perform in the way that works best for their customers, citizens, and stakeholders. We also illustrate the drivers, approaches and benefits of Application Modernisation using a range of customer case studies and real-world scenarios.

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Why Version 1?

Version 1 helps customers across the UK and Ireland derive optimal value from existing systems. We are in a rapidly changing Digital era, and businesses face increasing pressure to change the way they operate. It could be time to Modernise your Applications. We don’t believe you should let the investment you have already made go to waste – we can help you to modernise your core business systems and legacy applications, utilising emerging innovative Microsoft technologies, to work in the way you need them to. Version 1 works closely with Microsoft to help customers to maximise value when Modernising with Azure.

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