Client Profile

Customer Name: Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC)

Established: 1965

Customer Since: 2018

Employees: 106

Sector: Non-profit Organization Management

The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC) is the national child protection charity in Ireland. It provides a range of services to children and families in Ireland and promotes children’s rights.

The ISPCC provides a wide range of services. Annually, ISPCC Childline has over 400,000 conversations with children, through its phone, online and webchat services. Childline is a free, anonymous and confidential service that is available to children 24-hours a day by phone and by text and online from 10 am-4 am.

Project Background

The ISPCC needed to completely replace existing websites, digital platform and supporting databases with a more cost-effective, sustainable and manageable platform in order to improve efforts to support and protect children using innovation to drive that support.

Work Delivered

Version 1 delivered a child-friendly, secure and available solution. The development of this platform has been made possible through ISPCC Childline’s partnership with the Vodafone Ireland Foundation.


Real Differences…


The solution with the new websites, ISPCC and Childline, are both sitting on a new content management system. All of the infrastructure is delivered on the latest technology stack – Amazon Web Services including leading-edge server-less technology.

ISPCC moved from traditional externally hosted site to a solution hosted in AWS where infrastructure and application is all managed with AWS CloudFormation. Applying DevOps best practices, CI/CD pipelines have been created to automate deployments across various environments including serverless framework used for serverless deployments.

In addition, the websites and a digital portal to allow volunteers to manage calls, web and SMS chat sessions with children are built on Version 1’s DAPx technology framework built on React. Developed by Version 1, DAPx, a cloud-ready digitised solution provides a framework for delivering solutions and services reliably and quickly, is transforming how the ISPCC’s services are provided to children and adults.