Cloud Migration Guide | Migrate to Modernise or Modernise to Migrate?

Download our guide and answer the question; Migrate to Modernise or Modernise to Migrate?

As the interest in large-scale public cloud migration rises, so do the dilemmas that many customers face pre-adoption. This cloud migration guide is curated to in order to answer the question; can you use public cloud migration to modernise, or should you modernise separately?

As experts in the modernisation space, we regularly encounter organisations that are moving to, or have moved to the cloud, and have overlooked or misunderstood the full impact of cloud adoption on their business and existing applications.

Depending on this answer, your chosen organisational cloud migration strategy, and approaches, may differ markedly. And often times, there is a need to create a compelling business case for the migration with a clear view of financial and non-financial benefits.

In this latest guide, written by Version 1 expert John Taylor, we discuss the factors which can influence these decisions and what we at Version 1 see in the marketplace.

Downloading your own copy of the cloud migration guide will enable you to learn…

  • The ‘X Rs’ assessment
  • How should Modernisation be defined?
  • How to bring the necessary concepts together
  • Forms of Migration Visible in the Marketplace
  • The Importance of Your Compelling Events, Objectives and Appetite to Invest
  • Can Migration allow for Modernisation?


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