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We can help you turn your data into actionable insights and transform them into measurable business value faster.

Empowering Businesses with AI-Enhanced Oracle Analytics

What sets apart thriving businesses in today’s data-driven age? The prowess to transform raw data into actionable insights fueled by intelligence.​​

Is your team adept at harnessing data for discerning insights, foreseeing trends, and steering business momentum? With our guidance, numerous global enterprises have revolutionized their returns on analytics investments. ​​

Achieving optimal analytics is a blend of nuanced expertise and experience. We deliver precisely that, providing the specialized business know-how to convert data into tangible business growth. Our expertise is further elevated with the integration of advanced Machine Learning Models that sharpen predictive capabilities. The incorporation of Natural Language Processing (NLP) translates intricate data sets into comprehensible narratives, ensuring that every stakeholder is on the same page.

We leverage Predictive Analytics to forecast market tendencies, while Automated Data Preparation streamlines the often-tedious data refinement processes. With AutoML (Automated Machine Learning), the system self-refines, enhancing accuracy and insights over time. Smart Data Discovery actively scours data, spotlighting significant patterns, and Personalized Insights ensures that analytics are tailored to individual business needs.

In essence, our approach to Oracle Analytics, underpinned by AI, ensures not just data comprehension, but also strategic foresight and transformative business outcomes.

Our Analytics Capabilities


We can help you to modernize your analytics systems to leverage the latest capabilities of advanced analytics platforms. Empower all of your teams with the insights to make better decisions.


We can help you to decide on the underlying design of your data warehouse and data marts to maximize performance and increase the insights available to your business to make better decisions.


We have extensive experience across critical business functions including finance, supply chain, operations, sales & marketing, and HR to deliver the insights needed to maximize performance across these critical functions.

data integration

A cloud-based data architectures provide companies with flexibility, scalability, and a simplified infrastructure. However, we still see projects with siloed data and poor data-integration architecture, making effective analytics difficult. Our data integration capabilities are end-to-end and combine modern data integration technologies and techniques with proven experience to deliver highly complex massive scale projects successfully.


Leverage the Analytics Maturity Index to benchmark your analytics outcomes vs leading practice. Work with our expert teams to optimize the performance and value delivered by your existing analytics investments.

data science

We assess your readiness for Data Science and understand the areas of your business that would benefit from it. We then create a roadmap that balances quick wins with large value creation over the long term. We will develop and deploy the ideal machine learning models customized to your business.
It used to take weeks of sifting through mountains of data to deliver the insights we need, but now using Oracle Autonomous Database, we can get excellent insights within minutes
- Shalvin Narayan - Head of ICT, Telecom Fiji

Our Benefits

Deeper Insights

We design analytics to deliver a powerful multi-dimensional view of your data using visualizations designed to make faster, more effective decisions with a measurable impact on operating performance.

Predict the Future

We can help you to evaluate revenue streams and growth potential. Our machine learning capabilities can predict customer behaviour, growth from new customers, repeat rates from customers, spending level by customer, and lifetime value by customer segment.

We Take Cost Out of the Model

Our team’s experience, techniques and tools are all designed to reduce the cost of delivering analytics outcomes.  More importantly, we have helped our clients to save thousands and reduce the cost of running their analytics systems with smarter design, modern platforms and focused automation.

We Amplify with AI

We integrate cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence into our analytics solutions, elevating your decision-making prowess. By automating complex tasks and offering enhanced actionable insights, we ensure you’re always a step ahead in your strategic endeavors. With us, experience the transformative power of AI-driven analytics.

Optimise the performance of your Oracle-based Analytics solutions

Ensure you’re getting the highest performance and value from your Oracle Analytics investments.

Get a recommendations action plan and future roadmap for your Oracle technologies and infrastructure to support your Analytics requirements.

Embrace data-driven decision-making with an Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse free trial.

Discover the transformative power of Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse (FAW). This cutting-edge tool is now available for a free trial on your OCI tenancy, empowering you to harness the full potential of your data.

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