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Why Choose Version 1 for your DevOps needs?

Version 1 have a strong history of DevOps advisory, project delivery and support. With a range of specialists, from hands-on engineers, architects, and organisation and enterprise change advisors, our experienced team is well equipped to support your organisation’s DevOps transformation.

With customers across both the public and private sector, we bring our customers along the journey from legacy to modern development and operational practices and culture. Our team of DevOps specialists can deliver a bespoke implementation suited for your organisational needs.

Our Approach

Services We Offer

Culture, Strategy and Change
Internal change is critical to any DevOps implementation. We help your organisation plan, adapt and implement DevOps processes and culture.
Knowledge Transfer
We make sure our DevOps experts are embedded within your teams. These are dedicated resources in mixed-skillset teams that bring knowledge transfer, training and coaching.
Automation and CI/CD
Implementing a wide range of automation processes such as Technology and tooling, Containers, CI/CD, Config Management and Source Control, we will accelerate your DevOps journey to automated operations.
Solution Acceleration
Our Digital Acceleration Platform DAPx supports the delivery of specific customer journeys and customer experience applications at scale and at speed, through pre-built digital components deployed in a standardised way.
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Squads as a Service
Scale your teams rapidly to meet your key business objectives with an agile, fully functioning, and self-managing team.
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Foundations: QuickStart Delivery Accelerators

Driving business success in today’s world requires an innovative, modern, and agile IT solution, with Public Cloud Infrastructure playing a key role in enabling this capability. How can your enterprise move towards Cloud and run digital customer experiences and workloads to deliver on business objectives, whilst saving on time and costs?
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Version 1 has enabled Musgrave to accelerate their Cloud digital retail strategy through the adoption of Agile delivery and DevOps principles and practices in its delivery of new digital products. This has created the "right conditions for delivery within a modern digital enterprise that shifts retail services to the next level."
- Musgrave Group
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Case Studies

Find out what DevOps has done for our customers

UK Government Agency
Version 1 brought a large public sector UK agency along the DevOps journey, moving from a single deploy in 6 months to multiple deploys a week.
Major Wholesale Supplier
Version 1 enabled a major wholesale supplier in Ireland to accelerate their Cloud digital retail strategy through the adoption of Agile delivery and DevOps principles and practices in its delivery of new digital products.
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International Airline
Version 1 developed a DevOps strategy for a major international airline to deploy and manage their cloud infrastructure with code, allowing the organisation to transition away from manual processes & deployments.
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