Squads as a Service

Scale-Up Teams Rapidly and Meet Key Business Needs

What is Squads as a Service?

With access to essential skills and expertise in the market a growing problem for organisations looking to meet business needs, Version 1 has developed Squads as a Service, a service to scale up teams rapidly. Squads as a Service provides your organisation with an agile, fully functioning, and self-managing team to scale rapidly and deliver on key business objectives.

Offering the entire Version 1 organisation as one team to support your project and company, Squads as a Service offers a flexible resourcing and commercial approach to access expertise and skills for high impact business projects at short notice.

Why Version 1?

Strong Organisation

High performing profitability enables operational excellence for our organisation and success for our customers

1850+ Team

Empowered, engaged and driven people who are wired to deliver Customer Success

25 Years Expertise

Years of market leadership and innovation that makes a real difference to our customer’s businesses

3 Technology Partners

AWS, Oracle and Microsoft

Key Features

Scale rapidly and bring in additional skills and capacity to meet demand.
Market-Leading Skills
Access hard-to-find market-leading skills and expertise.
Cost Certainty
Bring cost certainty while benefiting from our flexible delivery models.
Demand-Based Requirements
Scale-up and down demanding on your requirements
Achieve stability in your delivery with knowledge management and shadow teams built-in.
Cultural alignment and demand management ensure a low-friction and high-performance partnership.
Achieve full visibility of quality, outcomes, and budget with a transparent, performance-focused service.
Introduce new and innovative technology and approaches to your organisation.
Gain the expertise of the entire Version 1 organisation as one team to support your project and company

Skillsets and Roles

Hire your Squad