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Drive an Optimal Digital Business Strategy through Version 1's Assessment Framework

Become Truly Digital

The rapid, growing emergence of digital technologies in the current business technology landscape alongside changes in customer or citizen behaviour is creating fundamental and disruptive shifts in many business sectors. This is causing many organisations to fundamentally reassess their business processes and IT ecosystems. It is a widely held belief that the on-going COVID-19 pandemic has massively reinforced and accelerated this trend and the need for an effective digital business strategy in many specific sectors.

Working with a number of customers to achieve effective outcomes, Version 1 has derived an effective Digital Strategy Framework to help customers and prospects drive optimal digital strategies.

Our Approach to a Digital Strategy Framework

Business Aligned and Outcome Focussed
We focus on how real business value and tangible, beneficial transformation outcomes can best be achieved.
Independent Assessment and Guidance
We undertake digital assessments on an agnostic basis, selecting the best, most proven technologies for specific customer needs.
Experience and Expertise Driven
We have a range of experience in capability in legacy, enterprise and the latest cloud and digital technologies.
Adaptable and Modular
Our digital strategy framework process is modular and adaptable to customer needs.
Clear Actionable Strategies
Our assessment and strategy definition processes produce a range of clear, tangible technical and business outcomes and roadmaps

Why Become Naturally Digital?

Our Digital Strategy Framework Process

Our Digital Strategy Framework process consists of 7 key phases where we adapt inputs, outputs, and assessment approaches to match our customer’s needs. With different models for public sector, healthcare and commercial enterprises, Version 1’s approach is modular and flexible to suit customer requirements.

The key phases of our Digital Strategy Framework are shown below.

Transformation at Speed

Based on open source technologies, our Digital Acceleration Platform DAPx supports the delivery of specific customer journeys and customer experience applications at scale and at speed, through pre-built digital components deployed in a standardised way.
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Benefits of a Digital Strategy Assessment

Drive Efficiency & Market Share
Provide & Protect Business Value
Improve Quality & Innovation
Improve Business Agility
Drive Return on Investment

"85% of organisations felt that they must offer digital services or risked becoming irrelevant" - Couchbase

Case Studies

Find out what a Digital Strategy Assessment has done for our customers.

Version 1 delivered a clear review and assessment of the existing technology readiness for digital change.
Version 1 identified commercial solutions for business areas that previously had no provision.
Version 1 identified a programme of organisational and culture change to support digital business technology change.

What We Do

As the chosen Digital Services partner of central governmental departments, local government authorities, leading energy companies and major retailers – the impact of Version 1 digital business strategies and solutions is evident at scale across multiple industries. We are leading the charge in empowering our public and private sector customers to become recognised as digital leaders within their individual verticals.

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