Digital Twins

What are Digital Twins?

A digital twin is a digital print of a physical object or system. Essentially, a digital twin is a computer program that feeds on real-world data collected from the object and replicates the process by creating virtual simulations to predict the performance of the object. Digital twin integrates Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and software analytics to build up the performance of the object under simulations. This enables the exploration of innovative solutions that can be devised and tested on the digital representation before we test them on real-world objects. 

How to work with Digital Twins?

It all starts with collecting all sorts of data about the physical object, for example, a Formula 1 racing car. The car is implanted with a lot of sensory devices in the vital areas of the car. Upon receiving the data produced by the sensors, racing teams develop a digital twin of the car which replicates the conditions of the actual car. Once the team is ready with the digital twin of the car, they can run multiple simulations to check the performance of the car under different weather conditions. They can generate feasible improvements to the car which would help them in developing valuable insights and which in turn can be used in making the car better in real life.  

Use Cases


Improved R&D
Organisations can have a good grasp on the product with digital twin where they can do effective research and develop the product with a lot of data created. With that data, companies can make insights/judgments that will help them in making better decisions for the product.
Improve Efficiency and Cost
Customers can use digital twins to monitor the existing products to analyse the process and faults in the product to increase the efficiency and lower the cost respectively for the real-life product.
Better Understanding of Customer Needs
Organisations can test their clients’ requirements using digital twins before making it to production.
Digital twins can help the customer in prototyping the manufacturing of the product, decreasing the bugs, and making its availability to the market faster.

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