Cloud Readiness Assessment

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Is Your Organisation Ready for Cloud?

What is the Assessment?

A Cloud Readiness Assessment can transform your organisation’s high-level idea of adopting Cloud into a plan of action. The assessment addresses how to make a migration happen smoothly and in what order events need to occur through a readiness questionnaire about your organisation and infrastructure. Find out your level of preparedness with Version 1’s Cloud Readiness Assessment, so we can provide best practice advice on your journey to the Cloud.

Top Considerations for Readiness

At the beginning of your journey to the Cloud, it is important to evaluate your ‘readiness’ in a range of different areas. This can include but isn’t limited to:

  • Your organisation’s needs
  • Your organisation’s maturity
  • Your technology partner’s capabilities and technologies

Avoid jumping straight from the Cloud mandate to implementation. Investing time in a Readiness Assessment at the very start of your Cloud journey can deliver valuable insights to streamline your journey, and ensure preparedness.

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