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Exploring the Tangible Business Benefits of Cutting-Edge Technology

Demonstrating the 'Art of Possible'

The Version 1 Innovation Labs, established in 2018, demonstrates the ‘art of possible’ by exploring cutting-edge technologies with our customers. Successfully partnering on projects such as ICBF, with whom we explored Blockchain to reduce greenhouse gas and produce better-tasting beef, our Innovation team works by developing a ‘Proof of Value’ project over a period of up to 12 weeks, enabling the customer to ‘prove the value’ of the technology to their business, focusing on how it can deliver tangible benefits, as opposed to exploring innovation for innovation’s sake.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Version 1 Innovation Labs is to implement customer-focused solutions collaboratively. We use innovative tools and technologies to drive Customer Success and realise business benefits for our customers.

Enabling our customers to explore cutting edge technology

Our Engagement Process

Discover the Smart Action Suite

In collaboration with our customers, Version 1's Innovation Labs have built the Smart Action Suite, a set of enterprise-ready productivity apps focused on addressing common challenges many organisations face, using innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation.

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Cutting-Edge Technologies Currently Being Explored

Artificial Intelligence
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Internet of Things
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Discover the Digital ERP Solution developed by Version 1 Innovation Labs

Driving Customer Success With Innovation

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