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Version 1: delivering change at pace for Lloyds Banking Group

Who are we

We’re Version 1—a trusted partner to Lloyds Banking Group since 2020. From Oracle to Stratos, over the past four years we’ve delivered great results and meaningful change. Together.

But whether it’s helping you to unlock the true value of Azure, make smarter resourcing decisions, or navigate the complexities of DORA, there’s so more that we can do. From cloud transformation to application modernisation, data to AI, Version 1 is here to help you navigate through legacy today—and unlock new opportunities tomorrow.

We want to help you…

Accelerate value

For Lloyds Banking Group to meet its ambitious growth targets, it needs the support of partners who can get the job done—first time, every time. Enter Version 1.

A proven track record
From Oracle to IBM, you’ve already entrusted us with some of your most mission critical workloads. And we’ve delivered—on time, and in budget.
Extensive expertise
Our skills don’t stop at cloud. From app modernisation to AI, data management to DevOps, we have the specialist skills you need to deliver on your vision.
A focus on what matters
Collaboration. Integrity. Delivery. Over the past four years, we’ve built a reputation for doing the right thing for Lloyds—and it’s one that we’re proud of.

Deliver quality, everywhere

The bigger your ambitions, the more important that quality becomes. And the right people in the right place can make all the difference in the world.

Expertise - everywhere
Whether it’s Huddersfield, Hyderabad, or somewhere else entirely, our hybrid resourcing model brings you the brightest talent—right where you need it.
Specialists at scale
Decommissioning legacy. Accelerating migrations. Optimising cloud. Whatever your challenge, we can bring you specialist capability at scale.
Award-winning talent
AWS’ #1 for collaboration. Oracle’s #1 for innovation. Microsoft’s #1 for app modernisation. Our talent has been recognised by the best in the business.
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Drive responsible change

Can you be agile, adaptable, and compliant all at the same time? We believe you can—which is why we’re focused on helping you unlock new opportunities in a responsible, low-risk way.

Investing in innovation
For years now, our AI Labs have been helping to show Version 1 customers around the world how to tap into the true potential of artificial intelligence.
Explore our AI Labs
Running with regulation
At Version 1, we have decades of experience working in some of the world’s most highly regulated environments. We know how to drive change, responsibly
Gaining value from Gen AI
There’s a lot of hype around Generative AI – but it can deliver incredible results. See how we helped a trading workflow provider unleash that power in this case study.

Meet your Lloyds Banking Group team

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Chief Digital Advisor


Ketan Parekh

Head of Financial Services


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