Confused by recent changes to Java Licensing?

What You Need to Know About Oracle Java Licensing Changes

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Java underpins a wide variety of enterprise software, particularly on the server side, and has historically been considered ‘free’ by businesses.

Recent changes to the way Oracle Java is licensed and supported will affect how organisations choose to architect and deploy technologies based on Java. 

This webinar, presented by our Java license experts, answers some of the key questions such as:

  • What do these changes mean for users?
  • What do we need to do about older versions?
  • Why is Oracle making these changes?
  • Opinions on Open JDK migration
  • Adoption of Open JDK
  • How are costs calculated?
  • What happens when Java is included in an application?
  • How does the 6-month cadence affect support?
  • How to progress with evaluation


Version 1 has many years of specialist expertise and experience managing Java installations for our customers. As an independent advisor, we recommend that all organisations using Java should carry out an urgent survey of their Java usage, cataloguing the version number in use, its purpose, and the infrastructure upon which it runs.