Software Asset Management and License Compliance Lifecycle Program

Define, Design, Develop and Deliver multi-vendor lifecycle management service for software asset management helping you to maximise return on investment, minimise risk and ensure peace of mind.

Multi-vendor SAM and License Compliance Lifecycle Program – SAM4D

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a business practice that involves managing and optimising the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilisation, and disposal of software applications within an organisation. SAM is particularly important for large corporations in regard to redistribution of licenses and managing legal risks associated with software ownership and expiration. This can be important for both eliminating legal costs associated with license agreement violations and as part of a company’s reputation management strategy.

Version 1’s SAM4D is a service wrapper that binds together all the Version 1 delivery components that comprise an end-to-end multi-vendor software asset management and license compliance service. SAM4D is an evolution of our tried and tested software asset methodology with over ten years of evolutionary development. SAM4D will give you full control of your on-premise or cloud software license estate ensuring confidence in your compliance position.  Designed to be modular and progressive, SAM4D exposes all the components necessary to build and execute a modern software asset management (SAM) function within your organisation.

Why Choose our Software Asset Management Solutions?

£10 Million Saved
Our SAM Service Team’s expertise delivered a cost avoidance opportunity of just under £10m for our enterprise customer
Reduced £5m to £60k
Our SAM Managed Services delivered Database license reduction for our client from over £5m to just under £60k
69% Reduction
Our software asset management services deliver financial risk reduction of 69% on average over the lifecycle of a managed service.

SAM4D Delivery Elements

SAM4D has four distinct phases - each phase covers an important evolution in the customer’s implementation of a SAM function.


Define your goals


Design the perfect solution


Develop customised integration


Deliver proactive & complete SAM Service

Define your Goals

The Define stage is the most important stage in order to define your goals and needs. Through workshops and stakeholders meetings we conduct a requirement analysis to understand the components needed for a complete SAM lifecycle program.

Design The Perfect Solution

We will design a bespoke set of components for you that delivers a complete suite of policy and procedures coupled with our own technology platform to execute a modern software asset management function in your business.

Develop Customised Integration

Once we understand your needs and goals, we choose the most appropriate components of our methodology to complement your existing technology and practices.

Deliver Proactive and Complete SAM Lifecycle Program

Our team will track both your entitlement and usage data allowing an on-going compliance position to be maintained on your behalf. We can truly optimise your license usage and enable advanced SAM lifecycle processes such as license recycling and budgeting for new project requirements.

SAM4D Benefits

Coupled with Version 1’s experience in operating and managing enterprise class, custom applications and services that are the differentiators to our customer’s businesses, we offer a complete and comprehensive software asset management lifecycle service that outclasses our competitors in terms of flexibility and breadth of service whilst remaining agile and flexible enough to provide a personal service not available from the sector’s larger players. Version 1’s SAM4D delivers the following benefits:

Tiered service levels match customer's SAM maturity
Management of compliance risk by having a continually known position, ready for vendor audit
Cost saving through license re-use, harvesting and automation
High ROI SAM framework delivered at a fraction of the cost savings realised
Modular and progressive design exposes all the components necessary to build and execute a modern SAM service
Understanding of the consumption of assets and optimal deployment aids planning and budgeting
SAM4D aligns with ISO 19770 and ITILv3 best practice delivering a high standard of processes and outputs

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