Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

Integrate License Fulfilment with End-to-End Lifecycle Managed Services

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program

As the majority of organizations embrace Cloud computing, acquiring Microsoft online services is becoming the new normal. This is illustrated in a recent IDC study that predicts global spend on cloud services (including hardware and software) will ‘… surpass $1.0 trillion in 2024 …’ (IDC, 2020). Understanding the optimum way of licensing Microsoft in a cloud world is imperative to ensure cost and risk reduction.

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP) is a modern-day licensing program delivered by Version 1. This program differs from traditional licensing programs that are transactional in nature. Instead, the CSP program is designed to allow Microsoft partners with deep technical and licensing expertise like Version 1, to integrate license fulfilment with end-to-end lifecycle managed services from solutions implementation, support, and billing.

Key Features of the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Programme

Modern day licensing program built for the Cloud
Rapid access to the latest Services
Online services on demand and flexible subscription fees
Solutions partner that supports your complete Microsoft lifecycle journey

Choosing a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Partner

When choosing a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Partner it is important that your enterprise aligns itself with a suitably qualified Microsoft partner that can add value to the cloud services you purchase.

An effective Microsoft CSP partner should be able to demonstrate the following areas of expertise:

• Software Asset Management Services – for governance, compliance and lifecycle management.
• Licensing Specialisation – to align the correct licenses & technology to the needs of your business.
• Operational Processes – to deliver efficient, seamless deployment and provisioning of software assets.

With a combination of a strong SAM Practice, Microsoft licensing subject-matter expertise and a dedicated operations team, Version 1 look beyond the CSP channel as simply a means of transacting licenses.

Our Microsoft experts can provide you with the best and recommended advice for the correct positioning of licenses, underpinned by clearly defined and documented processes, to deliver a compliant, cost-optimised and feature-maximised return on your software investment.

Why Choose our CSP program

Optimised Procurement
Licensing program built for the Cloud that supports optimised Microsoft online service procurement
Tailored Service Plans
Curate customised Microsoft online service plans that meet the specific needs of your enterprise
Reduced Forecasting Complexity
Reduce the complexity associated with forecasting future Microsoft online service requirements
Reduced Resources
Decrease the need to hire and upskill resources to assist in the deployment and management of Microsoft Cloud Services
Flexible Online Billing
Monthly and annual billing models that allow adjusting online service fees based on actual consumption
Flexible Service Admin
Enhanced control over your Microsoft online service assets through the administration portal
Microsoft Expertise
Improve IT efficiency by working with a Microsoft Partner with a broad set of technology and software asset management skills.
Ongoing Support
Includes support and the ability to access enhanced Version 1 support
Cloud Application Migration

While no two organisations are alike, our expert consultants typically save our customers between 10% and 30% on Cloud subscription costs.

Our Microsoft Competencies

  • Gold Application Development
  • Gold Application Integration
  • Gold Cloud Platform
  • Gold Cloud Productivity
  • Gold Collaboration and Content
  • Gold Data & Analytics
  • Gold Datacentre
  • Gold Data Platform
  • Gold Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Gold Messaging
  • Silver Communications
  • Silver Windows and Devices
  • Silver DevOps
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Fireside Chat – Getting to Know Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

As many organisations embrace Cloud computing, acquiring Microsoft online services is becoming the new normal. Version 1’s recent fireside chat with Karl O’Doherty, Principal Microsoft License Consultant and William Nelson, Microsoft SAM Sales Specialist looks at Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, its advantages, disadvantages, the importance of choosing the right CSP Partner and top tips on what customers with an interest in CSP should do next.

Why Version 1?

We will always put the customer first. Our independent and experienced Oracle and Microsoft licensing consultants (covering all aspects of enterprise licensing) provide expertise to customers globally, ensuring customers get the best value from their assets. The scale of Version 1 means we also have technical consulting experts to provide a one-stop shop for moving to the Cloud.

Reduce Cost & Risk
  • Assessment
  • Advice
  • Procurement
Trusted Advisor
  • Independent
  • Tools Agnostic
  • Experience
Market Leading Expertise
  • Breadth & Scale
  • Technical Background
  • Ongoing Staff Education

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