Webinar: 10 Ways to Mitigate Compliance Risks in the Cloud

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Cloud is no longer a buzz word in the IT industry, it is a requirement. The benefits of Public Cloud for the modern business are undeniable, from on-demand pricing to global distribution, from deployment of new servers in seconds to no longer having to manage ANY physical hardware. Cloud has changed the game.

While there are many benefits of moving to the Cloud, managing software assets and licensing in the Cloud can be a challenge for enterprise customers. The shift to cloud computing has changed how we must view our software and license assets and there are new challenges that must be addressed from a SAM perspective when licensing in the Cloud.

To give enterprise organisations an insight into the most common compliance risks in the Cloud, the Oracle Licensing experts at Version 1 hosted a specialist webinar on mitigating compliance risks in the Cloud. Some of the main compliance risks are:

  1. Understanding Oracle’s policies, which ones apply and how to interpret them
  2. The difference between Cloud offerings from different vendors
  3. How enterprise agreements can impact Cloud environments

During this 30-minute webinar, hosted by Paul Bullen, Principal License Consultant for Version 1 provided insight into:

  1. The most significant compliance risks that may be posing a threat to your IT estate
  2. Strategies for mitigating compliance risk
  3. Detail on how to count licenses correctly according to environment
  4. Enterprise agreements and their effect on your licensing position