Understanding Oracle Java Metrics Changes, Impacts, and Audit Readiness

Webinar   |   19 March 2024 at 15:00 GMT

Hosted by:

  • Brian Lavelle, SAM Commercial Manager at Version 1
  • Paul Bullen, Principal Oracle License Consultant at Version 1

Watch Brian and Paul discuss the Oracle Java SE changes, the impacts these changes have created, and how to prepare for an Oracle Java audit.

As of 24 January 2023, Oracle changed the way that it charges customers for using Oracle Java SE: they no longer sell it in the Processor and Named User Plus metrics.  

Instead, it is only available under the Oracle Java SE Universal Subscription on the basis of employees, in other words, all your employees plus those of your outsourcers providing support to your business. Exceptions are made only on existing subscription renewals and are subject to authorisation. 

Why watch?

This change has prompted many questions from concerned Java SE customers.

If you have responsibility for your Oracle Java SE software compliance, procurement, and management, we encourage you to watch.

As independent Oracle License experts with a deep understanding of the changes made to Java SE subscriptions, we can help you understand: 

  • What has changed
  • How this will impact your Oracle Java SE estate
  • How to prepare for or defend against an audit
  • High-level review of Java alternatives and migration

We also presented an overview of real-life client scenarios we have encountered since last year’s changes, the problems these changes created, our solution, and the benefits delivered.

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