Reducing Risk and Cost in Software Licensing for Financial Services

Webinar   |   2 July 2024 at 15:00 BST

Hosted by:

  • Andy Parsons | Digital Advisor for Financial Services | Version 1
  • Paul Bullen | Principal License Consultant | Version 1

For any financial services organisation, maintaining control over commercial risks, preserving its reputation, and ensuring both legal and regulatory compliance across its technological infrastructure, is an enormous undertaking.

The various regulatory frameworks and supervisory letters set down the requirements to ensure that financial institutions have robust processes and controls to identify, assess and mitigate risk.  Non-compliance can result in punitive consequences for the institution and can sometimes impact individuals with the responsibility to manage business, financial and technology risk.

As experts in enterprise software license optimisation and management, Version 1’s Digital Advisor for Financial Services, Andy Parsons, and Principal Oracle License Consultant Paul Bullen will outline areas of interest for the financial services sector that relates to trends in the market. These include specific threats and how to avoid their financial and commercial risk, and opportunities for cost optimisation.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions – Growth of M&A activity in the financial services sector is predicted by many industry experts, including PWC.  Andy and Paul will outline the commercial and contractual risks M&A can have on enterprise software licensing and how to mitigate non-compliance before and during M&A activity
  • Oracle Java Universal Subscription changes – Oracle has changed the metric by which Java Universal subscriptions is priced, impacting future Java subscription purchases. Paul will outline what the changes mean from a commercial and compliance perspective (particularly if you are approached by Oracle for a Java audit) and the options available to reduce unbudgeted cost and risk
  • Oracle Cloud@Customer – This is a popular Oracle offering for finadncial services, providing a federated cloud solution for Exadata.   Paul will present an overview of scenarios and recent customer experiences of adopting this platform
  • Other notable events affecting Financial Services customers – The recent Broadcom/VMware acquisition has created a great deal of uncertainty in the market particularly on VMware’s pricing policy Andy and Paul will briefly outline the latest VMware updates and offer practical advice and guidance on how to reduce your financial risk

This webinar is aimed specifically at IT, software procurement, software asset management, compliance and finance individuals within Financial Services institutions.  In particular, those with the responsibility to manage business, financial and technology risk.

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