Enterprise Licensing and the Cloud

Enterprise Licensing and the Cloud.

Moving to the cloud? The most important enterprise license elements to consider before, during, and after your cloud adoption project.

As experts in enterprise license optimisation, we encounter organisations that are moving to or have moved to the cloud, and have overlooked or misunderstood the full impact of cloud adoption on their enterprise license estate.

As with many IT projects, and specifically technology transformation projects, things are never as simple as they seem on initial review. The license complexity is unique to your environment and generally centres around the details of your ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ estate and which cloud vendor you are migrating to.

Why you should read this whitepaper:

If you are about to embark on a cloud project or have adopted cloud in some or all of your environment, read this whitepaper to examine any license considerations you assumed, or understand where license exposure could have unwittingly been created, and what to do.

The whitepaper takes you through the following:

  • What to consider in your pre-planning phase.
  • How to accommodate a peak in license requirement for the migration and testing period.
  • How to manage your licenses and cloud consumption on an ongoing basis.
  • The key takeaways from each phase of the migration project; before, during and after.

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