AI Readiness Assessment

Are you ready to discover the possibilities AI could unlock for your business?

It’s time to take the leap with Version 1’s AI Readiness Assessment, a strategic deep-dive designed to unlock your company’s AI potential by harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure.

Embark on a rapid yet comprehensive journey where we jointly explore key areas of your business (e.g. day-to-day operations, technological infrastructure and industry specifics) to help you understand the potential for adopting and leveraging AI. We aim not just to assess, but to elevate your business for AI integration.

Here's what our AI Readiness Assessment includes:

With our expertise in delivering AI-powered solutions, we ensure that you receive practical insights and actionable steps towards a transformative AI strategy.

AI Maturity Assessment
Get a roll-up view which gauges your current AI maturity level, providing a clear picture of where you stand and where you could be benefiting from Azure AI Services and beyond.
Data Infrastructure Check
Assess the robustness, scalability, and security of your data systems, ensuring they are primed for use within the Microsoft ecosysten.
Compliance and Ethics Check
Examine the ethical considerations and compliance requirements relevant to your AI adoption through the Microsoft Responsible AI Standard, ensuring your AI initiatives align with regulatory standards and ethical best practices.
Operational Model Guidance
Receive expert advice on operational models and organisational changes, closely following the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, critical for successful AI adoption.
Talent and Skills Evaluation
Identify the talent and skills your organisation needs to thrive with AI, including the Version 1 Fundamentals of AI Training Course and Microsoft Learn for certification paths like Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals and Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate.
Strategic AI Roadmap
Post-assessment, receive a bespoke AI implementation and scalability plan tailored to your Azure environment, ensuring that the roadmap is one we can own and execute together.

Let's reimagine the future of your business with AI

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