AWS Transformation Day-Public Sector

London, England  |  30 October 2017

As the UK government's Cloud Native policy places new emphasis on cloud computing, the AWS Transformation Day is a one-day eventĀ  designed to provide attendee's with the resources they may need to support your digital-transformation goals. Hundreds of attendees from across local and central government, defence and national security, education, healthcare, and NGOs were in attendance for this action-packed day centered on helping the public sector achieve more with the cloud.Business or technical, let AWS guide you along your digital transformation journey.   What did the event provide?  
  • Attend a variety of workshops and roundtables, for a deeper dive into specialised topics with your peers.
  • Ask an AWS architect your questions about AWS architecture, cost optimisation, services and features. Schedule your private, 15-minute session today.
  • Meet the AWS Training and Certification, ProServe and AWS Partner Network teams in the expo area to learn how they can support your organisation through its transformation journey.

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