Banking & Insurance Transformation Summit

ExCeL, London   |  19th – 20th June 2024

Version 1 to deliver keynote address at Banking Transformation Summit

Version 1 is happy to announce that we are Gold+ sponsors for the Banking Transformation Summit event. This includes a keynote address and the opportunity to share our expertise and learn from other participants at roundtables.

With over 2000 audience members, 250 speakers, 5 theatres and 60 exhibits and presentations, this is Europe’s fastest-growing digital transformation event for banks.

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Keynote title: Killing COBOL: How to modernise your mainframe

Presenter: John Bolger – Global Application Modernisation Lead

  • How can you replace your legacy COBOL systems?
  • How do you derisk the modernisation process?
  • What role does AI play in accelerating this process?
  • What is the cost of not modernising?

In this talk, we will discuss how we successfully modernised to a cloud-native solution, a mission-critical COBOL mainframe solution responsible for invoice processing of 3 billion euros annually. We will also demonstrate how Generative AI can accelerate and derisk this process.

Roundtable session

Title: Beyond the Hype, practical applications of AI in FSI

Presenters: John Bolger & Andy Parsons – Digital Advisor for Financial Services

  • 56% of large organisations see how GenAI will impact investment priorities, yet only 4% have made it past Proof of Concepts. So how do we get past the hype and move towards practical and useful scenarios for GenAI?
  • In this roundtable, we will discuss, based on our first-hand experience of bringing Generative AI projects to production, how you can affect your own AI strategy and focus on using AI to solve real challenges in your organisation
  • We will also walk through a real-world example of where GenAI can make a difference to your business, enabling and unleashing the modernisation of your legacy systems by derisking the process

Bring your opinion and be prepared to engage in a lively discussion!

Some of the big topics at the Banking Transformation Summit

Key areas you can look to gain insights in:

Your business

Gain insights into modern product development, crafting resilient strategies for today’s challenging market, promoting sustainability, and leveraging partnerships to navigate the evolving landscape of modern banking.

Topics include: Open Banking, ESG, Macroeconomics, FinTech, Partnerships, Sustainability, Product Development, Lending, Embedded Finance, Payments

Your people

Explore how fostering inclusive and diverse teams, shaping organisations culture, and championing diversity initiatives contribute to the success of financial institutions. This theme is a compass for attendees looking to lead with empathy, build thriving teams, and foster a culture of innovation in the ever-evolving world of banking.

Topics include: Diversity, Inclusion, HR, Culture, Future of Work, Women in Banking

Your technology:

Explores the transformative power of technology in reshaping the banking landscape. Join us at the forefront of technological advancements propelling banking into a new era of efficiency and capability.

Topics include: AI, Automation, Data Management, Cloud Tech, Web 3, IT Networks, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Crypto, Metaverse

Your customer:
Explore the intricacies of understanding and meeting customer expectations, and discover cutting-edge marketing approaches that resonate in the financial industry. This theme is a gateway for attendees seeking to elevate customer satisfaction, loyalty and engagement, ultimately driving success in the competitive landscape of modern banking.

Topics include: Customer Loyalty, CX, Marketing, Strategy Planning, Digital Identity, Onboarding

Why Version 1

With a history spanning more than two decades, our expertise has been pivotal in delivering successful outcomes for financial institutions within banking, insurance and capital markets.

Deep Domain Expertise
User-centred Approach
Proven Record of 20 Years

About Version 1

Customers across Ireland and the UK trust Version 1 to deliver lifecycle application services and innovation solutions to enable their organisations to process billions in revenue digitally, and to help millions of citizens benefit from evolved digital services.