Agenda Sessions Not to Miss

AWS Summit London will take place on Wednesday 8th May at the Excel London. The London Summit brings together the cloud computing community to connect, collaborate and learn more on AWS, cloud migration, cost optimisation, digital transformation, application modernisation and more. With so much on the agenda, we polled our Cloud experts on the sessions not to miss.


Migrate to the Cloud

Here at Version 1 we are passionate about our clients migrating to the cloud quickly, safely and of course successfully, with that in mind we would recommend customers check out this session:

16:25 – 17:00: Getting Started on your AWS Migration Journey, Level 200, Theatre 2.

When migrating applications to the AWS Cloud, it’s important to architect cloud environments that are efficient, secure, and compliant. Companies depend on critical enterprise applications to run their business. In this session, learn about the compute, storage, and networking services that AWS offers to help you build, run, and scale your business-critical applications more quickly, securely, and cost-efficiently. We also cover the AWS services and partners that are available to help you modernize and migrate your business-critical applications to the cloud.


Optimise in the Cloud

Migrating to the Cloud can certainly bring great cost savings but the savings don’t have to stop once you have moved. There is a big difference between hosting workloads on the Cloud and Cloud cost optimised workloads on the Cloud. Check out these sessions to learn more:

12:55 – 13:40: Amazon EC2 Foundations & Cost Optimisation. Level 200, Theatre 2

This session covers the latest Amazon EC2 features and capabilities, including new instance families available in Amazon EC2, the Amazon EC2 Nitro system architecture, the differences among their hardware types and capabilities, and their optimal use cases. We also cover best practices on how to optimize your expenditure on Amazon EC2 to make the most of your EC2 instances, saving you time and money.

Operate in the Cloud

With your workload running in the Cloud its benefits don’t just end with cost reductions. There are plenty of rich features and capability to help modernise the support and management of those systems to ensure your business benefits from a truly 21st century IT service. To learn more, try this session:

 16:25 – 17:00: “Is it Up?” – operating effectively in AWS, Level 200, Theatre 1

Moving critical workloads to the cloud is more than a tech play and cuts across the service management functions at customers. This will cover how service management needs to evolve and the tools and service available (Service Healthdashboard, Personal Health Dashboard, Cloudwatch/trail, Enterprise Support, Cloud Ops Review)


Innovate in the Cloud

Successfully moving and running your workload on the cloud should only really be seen as the start of your journey. With new technologies and capabilities readily available to Cloud customers the opportunities to innovate and enhance your services are boundless. We suggest you tap into this session to explore some of the innovating capabilities on offer:

 14:05 – 17:00: Modern Application Architectures, Level 200, Auditorium

When it comes to building our own services, our engineering groups have strong opinions, and they express them in the technologies they pick: Are microservices always the way to go? Should we choose serverless, containers, or serverless containers? Is relational over? Is Java over? Learn about our experience in building AWS services and working with customers on their cloud-native apps.


Meet Version 1’s Cloud experts at the AWS Summit London 2019 at Stand S27 Level 1 to find out how we can help you migrate your Oracle workloads to AWS quickly, safely and successfully and how we can help you take control of your Cloud billing and optimise your AWS spend.

An AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Version 1 specialise in the migration, optimisation and running of complex enterprise workloads in Public Cloud. Our 1300 strong team works closely with AWS to help our customers adopt Cloud and enable Digital Transformation.

Visit our Amazon Web Summit event page to learn more about our attendance.