Going into 2021, organisations across the UK and Ireland will continue to navigate the disruption brought on by COVID-19. In a now digital-first world, the pandemic has accelerated the move to cloud, which in turn brings up a whole series of questions for organisations looking to start their cloud journey. A common question that Version 1 has seen from our customers is how they identify the right cloud deployment model for their organisation.

This post will aim to cover what your organisation might need to know when it comes to choosing the right cloud deployment model.

What is a Cloud Deployment Model?

There are three types of deployment model, Public, Private, and Hybrid, with each model differing based on where the infrastructure for a deployment will sit, and who will control it. Each cloud deployment model is suited to different organisational needs – so it is important that the correct model is chosen for your organisation. Community Cloud Models also exist, where infrastructure is shared and jointly accessed by several organisations from a specific group that share specific computing concerns.