Optimise your Investment

The last 18-24 months have made many organisations rethink their IT strategy. The Covid-19 pandemic was in part a force majeure event which resulted in reducing IT spend during the lockdowns of 2020. Now that the world is emerging from the shadow of the pandemic, how do you make the most of your current E-Business Suite implementation, without incurring the large capex associated with a new implementation project?

In many cases we have come across, there may be a better or more efficient way of doing things as the system has been in situ for a long period of time. It could be that by reconfiguring the way you use E-Business Suite you might be able to redesign one of your processes to better utilise the functionality that is available to you. For example, reconfiguration of the Oracle XML Gateway functionality streamlines the B2B purchasing process, either directly with supplier’s ERP solutions or via marketplaces.

Version 1 has noticed a growing number of organisations are in a position where application optimisation is the best step forward, so we have built out our Maximise methodology. The Maximise methodology is split into five phases, with the fifth phase, Optimise, designed to support your organisation with just such a challenge.  An Optimise phase examines your current solution to identify areas of improvement that are relevant to your key business drivers. Optimise is a flexible phase that is delivered to support what is important to your business right now.

You’ve upgraded – now what?

Many of Version 1’s customers have navigated this well-trodden path over the last 2-3 years. The move of E-Business Suite release 12.1.3 into Sustaining Support at the end of 2021 has proven to be a compelling event for many businesses to make the capex investment and upgrade their current solution to a like for like 12.2.X release. Having upgraded and made that investment, could you be missing out on benefits and features that will drive your business forward?

E-Business Suite 12.2.x comes with a host of new features and improvements over the earlier versions, with a commitment from Oracle for annual patching to include enhancements as well as bug fixes, as part of their continuous innovation release model. Enterprise Command Centres, for example, offers a much more user-friendly way of analysing your organisations data via configurable dashboards across a range of the E-Business Suite module footprint. A further example is improvements to the Journal Approvals functionality in Oracle General Ledger. There is now an integration with Oracle Approvals Management and Oracle Workflow to provide greater flexibility to define journal approval rules, allowing for greater control.

A Maximise Optimise assessment can help identify which features are available and which will benefit your business based on Version 1’s knowledge and experience supporting E-Business Suite customers in many different sectors.

Why Version 1?

Quite apart from the Maximise methodology outlined above, Version 1 has a range of tooling and complementary technologies to help modernise your E-Business Suite system and to bring it into the 21st century. This isn’t simply about making your ERP system look pretty, this is about bringing modern integration methods to reduce risk; enhance human interface experiences – including chatbots; help your employees work more efficiently; improved and more readable metrics – delivered via dashboards constructed in DAPx our digital accelerator platform; and Smart ERP – which brings that post millennium user experience to the reliability and security of your E-Business Suite system.

All of this starts with a conversation to see how Version 1 can help your business focus more on what it does best, and less on supporting, maintaining and managing your E-Business Suite.

About Version 1

Version 1 specialises in the take-on and transformation of customer’s Oracle Applications Unlimited – E-Business Suite, JD Edwards and Peoplesoft – and Oracle Cloud Applications. We are experts in the integration and operation of diverse application landscapes ranging from modern cloud applications to traditional legacy applications. We deliver to global service standards and focus on continuous service improvement allowing our customers to remain focused on running their businesses.