Version 1 was awarded the 3-year Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) contract through a competitive procurement process utilising the Crown Commercial Service Technology 2 Framework.

Service Successfully Transitioned

Highways England has selected Version 1 as an Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) partner to deliver support and modernisation solutions for 45 of the organisation’s key line of business applications. Version 1 has transitioned support from the incumbent Systems Integrator with the new service now live as of June 2021. As part of the transition, Version 1 undertook a review of all in-scope applications, ensuring that these key line of business applications would continue to run efficiently and maintain maximum levels of operation, which is essential to Highways England’s overall operations.

Highways England is the government company that operates, maintains, and improves England’s motorways and major A roads. Its road network totals around 4,300 miles. England’s major road network forms the economic backbone of the country, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is relied on by communities and businesses across the country. The organisation has approximately 5000 employees in locations around the country. This includes a uniformed Traffic Officer Service who work in regional control centres and patrol key areas of the network.

£27 Billion Investment in the Strategic Road Network

This ADM partnership with Version 1 is one of many significant projects that Highways England will be procuring as part of its significant strategic transformation initiatives which fit into the greater government Road Investment Strategy. Highways England will deliver £27 billion of investment, including capital funding committed as described in the government’s Road Investment Strategy for 2020 to 2025. More information is available in Highways England’s Strategic Business Plan.

Commentary from Version 1 and Highways England

Olivia Carroll, Head of Service Reliability Group, Version 1, commented on the positive news:

Version 1 was proud to be selected by Highways England as their Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) partner to support over 45 of their organisation’s applications. Work began in April 2021 to ensure a successful commencement of this contract and a smooth transition of the service from the incumbent Systems Integrator, working closely with Highways England and the incumbent supplier to ensure these mission-critical applications run efficiently and maintain maximum levels of operation. This strategic partnership for the support and modernisation of Highways England’s critical applications is a reflection of the Customer Success and Service Excellence ethos underpinning Version 1’s continued, rapid growth in Government. We look forward to working closely with Highways England, offering our skills and expertise to support the organisation’s ambitious agenda.

Samuel Hirst, Information Technology Category Manager and Head of Procurement at ‎Highways England commented on the significance of this programme of work noting the organisation’s strategic focus on modernisation of its key line of business applications:

It is important that we take the opportunities that digital, data and technology provide to improve our efficiency and effectiveness as a government organisation. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Version 1 to ensure important public-facing and internal applications for our employees and business services are always available when needed and modernised as part of our ongoing digital transformation journey.

IT Government Frameworks UK

For over 20 years, Version 1 has gained in-depth experience and portrayed excellence in the public sector, delivering successful solutions to many public-sector clients. We are a leading UK partner with Microsoft, Oracle, and AWS across application, database, infrastructure and cloud technology which allows us to deliver the highest levels of service and value to our central and local government customers. Version 1’s public sector solutions are proven to reduce operating costs and support the Government’s agenda for digital and cloud first, whilst ensuring availability and reliability for key enterprise systems.