Automate your Software Testing

Software Testing is a critical process faced by enterprise organisations to ensure that new releases have minimal risk of interruption or impact to business continuity. As more and more organisations move over to SaaS and Oracle now releasing quarterly updates for their products, the use of Automated Testing is more beneficial now than ever.

Each quarter, enterprise organisations need to perform regression testing on their Oracle SaaS implementations to ensure nothing has broken due to the changes in the quarterly update. As a result, this leads to time-intensive manual testing, which can be extremely disruptive to organisations diverting available capacity away from work that could add value. This instead adds a large quarterly cost, in both time and value to ensure the quarterly update works as intended.

Automated Testing aims to automate processes on SaaS solutions, to perform testing rather than through manual efforts. Automated Testing can address many key challenges organisations face with software testing through quality assurance. This allows organisations to focus on the business benefits of each quarterly release – rather than ensuring it does not “break their business”.

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Free Up Resources

Considered one of the biggest benefits, Automated Testing can cut manual effort for testing significantly, reducing it to just a click of a button. Some Automated Testing solutions can be scheduled which allow tests to be run overnight or on the weekend, completely reducing manual testing by up to 80%. These resources can then be utilised for other activities that add more value.

Quick Repair Time

Once an Automated Test has been run, errors can be identified easily and resolved quickly. If one or more of the tests fail during the testing process, Automated Testing can inform and identify to users where the problem is.

Minimal Business Impact

With a customised set of functional automated regression tests which are unique to Oracle environments, Automated Testing can be executed as a Service, in line with release to ensure there is no risk or draw on internal resources. Automated Testing also removes the chance of human error that can occur when manually testing.

Reduced Cost

For long-lived applications, long term costs will be reduced thanks to Automated Testing. Automated Testing can also be run as often as needed in line with business requirements.

Consistent Testing

Automated Testing provides a consistent framework and process, especially when test automation efforts are connected to continuous integration efforts.

The move to Automated Testing requires business preparation and an understanding of how it can deliver value for your organisation. It is important that the right expectations are set and that the resources required are available if implementing Automated Testing.  If your organisation is moving to SaaS and wants to focus on the value of quarterly releases, get in touch with experts at Version 1 below.