Key OCI Tools and Platforms

In a rapidly changing digital era, businesses face increasing pressure to change the way they operate. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides a vast range of tools and platforms that can be utilised, applied, and implemented in order to deliver Application Modernisation. Use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to enable your organisation to deliver innovation quickly and with the scale and reliability you expect from Oracle.

With a wide range of services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure gives you the tools you need to modernise, develop, monitor, and secure applications, as well as the means to use analytics to build actionable and transformational insights.

In this post, discover a comprehensive list of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tools that are available for Application Modernisation, across Analytics, Application Development, Applied Software Technologies, Compute, Database, Integration, Observability and Management, Networking, Connectivity, and Edge Services, Security, Identity, and Compliance and Storage.

Leveraging OCI

With the wide range of tools available in OCI, below are just a few examples of what can be achieved using OCI tools and platforms.

  • Augment security practices by deploying CASB’s AI monitoring to alert on suspicious activity such as firewall configuration changes
  • Leverage resilient and cost effective edge services such as the Web Application Firewall to securely expose new application endpoints for Mobile Apps functionality
  • Modernise internal and external integration flows using Integration Cloud service
  • Evaluate, mask and monitor sensitive data using Data Safe and address data security compliance requirements across cloud and on-premise databases
  • Augment logging capabilities and the intelligent analytics performed on logs captured using Logging Analytics and Performance Monitoring services
  • Precisely control costs using cloud governance tools including AuditTaggingCost Management services
  • Take advantage of OCI’s lack of data egress charges for high-volume content distribution
  • Increase scalability and reduce cost by moving away from hypervisors to Oracle’s Container Engine for Kubernetes leveraging the full power of DevOps