Behind the Scenes as a Technical PM at Version 1

Karen O’Brien, Technical Project Manager, Ireland Digital and Cloud Solutions at Version 1

Taking Over a Proof-of-Concept Application

At Version 1, we were recently engaged by a new client to take over a proof-of-concept application with the key requirement of improving the integrity and the robustness of the application, essentially making it production-grade. The customer also had a very exciting roadmap for the following year.

From the outset, we agreed our objectives with the customer. Firstly, we would need to address technical debt to improving the quality and the stability of the application. We would also need to meet the exciting roadmap goals, enhancing user experience and improving the pipeline for the application.

Empowering The Customer to Know and Own Their Application

Kicking off by establishing a model for effective, efficient, and repeatable software development, we utilised best practice methodologies to ensure the delivery of high-quality software. A benefit of this approach is that it empowered the customer to know and own their application. Working very closely with the customer through all stages of the project lifecycle, we also needed to enable a reliable support and maintenance infrastructure for the application.

Our approach was to establish a highly experienced agile squad very quickly, with expertise in the requisite technologies for the application and a proven track record of delivery. We are very lucky here in Version 1, we have a depth and breadth of talent that allows us to set up multidisciplinary teams very quickly in a short space of time, teams that work very effectively together.

Leveraging Agile to Bolster Our Approach

On this specific project, we set out a clear strategy for tackling improvement of the application and growth of the application simultaneously, again relying on agile processes and methodologies to reinforce and bolster this approach.

We fully integrated into our customer’s ecosystem, rapidly familiarising ourselves with their way of working and adopting their services and processes. This is a core tenet of how we work in Version 1, we work with our customers empathetically with a view to being both efficient and easy to engage with as a partner.

Strong Communication is at the Heart of Customer Success

We also use opportunities where possible to provide recommendations when we see fit, but the foundation of everything we do here in Version 1 is communication.

From project initiation straight through to delivery, we set up a clear, transparent, and collaborative partnership with our customers. Our objective is clear and certain from the outset; we are setting our customers up for success.

Stay tuned for more ‘behind the scenes’ insights from Version 1 people…