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Supporting our employee’s wellbeing

Our Health and Wellbeing Initiatives

In Version 1 we want our employees to be healthy and live well. We strive to promote a culture of positive health and wellbeing in Version 1. We invest in a strong culture of wellness through programs, activities and resources that help our employees create their own journey toward optimal wellbeing. Take a look at some of our initiatives below.

Our Wellbeing Framework

The overarching principle here at Version 1 is our Wellbeing framework which is based on the ‘Strength in Balance‘ theme. It encapsulates all aspects of a Version 1 employee’s health and wellbeing. Health and wellbeing are necessary to ‘Empower our People’ and ensure a sustainable career in Version 1!

The holistic nature of our Wellbeing model emphasises the importance of variety and balance and staying on top of your ‘A’ game by managing each aspect of yourself the best you can. This model highlights the importance of variety and balance. It shows how certain areas of an employee’s life may impact other areas if they are neglected. The 5 segments of the Wellbeing Wheel include Sense of Purpose, Financial Management, Physical Health, Mental Wellbeing and Social Connections. These are explained in more detail below.

“The mental health training was really insightful, engaging and beneficial. I learnt that you don’t need to be an expert or medical professional to help a colleague who may be struggling; it was good to realise we can all play a role in supporting each other in dealing with the stresses of life.”
- Paul Bullen, Principal License Consultant

The Five Segments of the Framework

Healthy Place to Work Award

In January 2019, we received our very first certification as a ‘Healthy Place to Work‘. HPTW define a healthy organisation as an organisation that enables its employees to sustainably deliver on its objectives. They also define a healthy person as ‘an individual with the vitality to flourish at work and beyond’.

“At Version 1, we are very proud to have been certified as a Healthy Place to Work®, and to be among one of the first employers receiving this prestigious recognition in 2019. Being recognised as a Healthy Place to Work indicates the success of the many ongoing initiatives in Version 1 to ensure our employees feel they are in a healthy workplace where they can thrive.”
- Jarlath Dooley, HR & Integration Director of Version 1
Version 1 with HPTW

Excellence in Wellbeing Award

In 2018, as part of the Great Place to Work (GPTW) awards we received an award for Excellence in Wellbeing. Our employees completed a survey Comprising 17 statements, the survey seeks employees’ experiences and views on the six key dimensions that underpin the GPTW survey on wellbeing:

  1. Work environment
  2. Financial security
  3. Mental and physical health
  4. Inter-personal relationships
  5. Work-life balance
  6. Fulfilment

We were delighted to receive the certification in Excellence in Wellbeing based on our positive results reported from our employees!

Our Initiatives in Action!

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