Continuous AWS Optimisations for Optimus Cards

Optimus Cards is a fully authorised Electronic Money Institution who can issue Electronic Money Products and related Payment services and is also a Principal Member of Mastercard.

The Optimus Cards Group partnered with Version 1 over three years ago, working together in an AWS Next-Gen Managed Service. Throughout their partnership, Optimus Cards has remained the leader in providing white label debit card programs, as well as being one of the few organisations in Europe to be given the title of a Principal Member of Mastercard. The business prides themselves in offering top-tier debit card services, helping their customers grow for the future. 

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Optimus Cards
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Key Challenge

Continuous Optimisations – Managed Service

Version 1 works with Optimus Cards as part of a Managed Service partnership to monitor the customer’s systems and conduct any necessary updates. After an in-depth report was carried out in 2021, Version 1 consultants identified three areas for upgrades and presented them to the customer. There were as follows:  

  • Amazon RDS Instances (Amazon Web Services Managed Service Optimisations) 
  • M5 Instance Types (Amazon Web Services Managed Service Optimisations) 
  • Red Hat Linux Enterprise 6 (Red Hat Upgrade)

Version 1 upgraded the customer’s Amazon RDS Instances as the business was running on older versions that were no longer in use. In addition to updating their M3 Instance types, as they were an older model now, to the new M5 Instance Types.

The MQ Cluster that was in use had expired and was out of support, therefore Version 1 conducted an upgrade from Red Hat Linux Enterprise 6 to Red Hat Linux Enterprise 8 to ensure all the drivers were up to date and the MQ Cluster was in support. 

Real Differences...


Optimus Cards recommended all three upgrades to be followed through in a timely manner which Version 1 had the expertise to deliver successfully. Version 1 consultants ensured all the upgraded drivers were administered successfully with no issues to report.  

Following this successful implementation, the team at Optimus Cards were delighted with the work that was accomplished, with Version 1’s support through an AWS Next-Gen Managed Service. 

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