Data Lake Transformation Programme for Major Retail Bank

Building the Foundations for Great Analytics

As part of an enterprise-wide programme to migrate banking and data platforms from our customer’s parent organisation to operate as a stand-alone bank, Version 1 was engaged to support the migration, integration, and insight capability across both historic and future state data estates through the delivery of a greenfield data lake platform.

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Major Retail Bank
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Retail Banking
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Solution Delivered

Version 1 led a series of workshops to identify initial problem statements, both operational and insight requirements, full delivery lifecycle planning and operating model transformation support.

Working closely with stakeholders across the business, requirements were captured and current data processing analysed to catalogue key underlying data items, often working at a conceptual level where business objectives were not always well defined. Business requirements were translated into functional specifications and used to define target data structures within the Data Lake to support not only structured, traceable mandatory reporting but also ensure availability of a wealth of product, customer, transactional and loyalty data to support improved analytical capabilities.

Underpinned by a Version 1 led analysis, the team provided critical input to the technical design, supporting data model design and transformation to deliver an end-user centric big data environment. Version 1 data visualisation specialists then developed a suite of business intelligence dashboards, provisioning consistent, robust and reliable portfolio and function-specific insights driven from the new Data Lake environment.

Technology Stack Used

Real Differences, Delivered.

As a result of this engagement, the following benefits were delivered by Version 1 to the customer.

  • Successful integration of historic data with new interfaces, providing business users with an uninterrupted view across the breadth of Retail Banking products and the relevant customer base on the new Data Lake platform.
  • Delivery of greatly enhanced insight and data science capabilities, underpinned by an extensive in-depth understanding of data entities available to drive enterprise sales, marketing, customer engagement and risk management objectives.
  • Through regular, transparent engagement throughout the data discovery journey, business stakeholders were provided with a true understanding of both system and interface scope, coverage and constraints that hadn’t previously been available.

Watch our Migrating Legacy Applications to Public Cloud webinar for a high-level overview of the likely licencing, support, security and integration challenges that may arise and how these can be fully identified and addressed.

The team from Version 1 has been first-class in their attitude, application, and interaction with challenging business stakeholders. The team showed real appetite to take ownership of their deliverables and get the right outcomes for both the programme and the end user community.
- Programme Manager, Client Feedback
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